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Dry Creek Falls Hike Oregon

Dry Creek Falls Hike in Columbia River Gorge Oregon

Dry Creek Falls is accessed from the Pacific Crest Trail at Cascade Locks. This is a 4.4 mile out and back hike with only 710 feet in elevation gain, along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) that begins in Cascade Locks and meanders through beautiful forest to Herman Creek. Dry Creek Falls is a beautiful waterfall that often gets overlooked by hikers.
Bridge of the Gods Trail-head
Dry Creek Falls Hike Oregon
Oregon Dry Creek Falls Hike
Columbia River Gorge Scenic Waterfalls
Columbia River Gorge Oregon
To access the trail head, cross the road that leads to the Bridge of the Gods toll booth and start onto the PCT. The PCT parallels I-84.  There is an old orange safety fence here that encroaches the trail and is now more of a hazard than a help. In about 1/10 of a mile, you'll come to Moody Street as it crosses under the freeway. Walk the road uphill to the right for a bit, under the freeway. When the road angles left, go straight ahead on the gravel road a short distance to twin trail-heads. Altogether, the road walking here is about 100 yards. Take the trail to the left, which is the PCT. 

·         Start point: Bridge of the Gods Trail-head and
·         PCT Harvey Road Trail head
·         End point: Dry Creek Falls
·         Trail Log: Trail Log
·         Hike Type: Out and Back
·         Distance: 4.4 miles
·         Elevation gain: 725 feet
·         Difficulty: Easy

This heads gradually uphill, never too steep, through a pretty forest with dappled sun shining in. About one mile in, you'll come to a power line access road. Turn right here and follow the road a short distance under the power-lines to resume the trail. After the power line road, you'll come to a minor summit, and the trail begins a gradual descent to Dry Creek. Once you come to Dry Creek, the trail intersects another dirt road. Cross the road and Dry Creek on a wooden bridge, and continue on the PCT.  You can also head up to Dry Creek Falls by not crossing the bridge, but instead turning right at the road to head up about 2/10 of a mile to the falls. At the end of the road, there's a car turnaround and a fire pit.
Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Oregon
Wildflowers Hike Oregon
Oregon Dry Creek Waterfalls Trail

Bridge of the Gods Trail-head or Toll Booth Park:  From I-84 take Exit #44/Cascade Locks. Follow the signs to Bridge of the Gods/Stevenson. Before crossing the bridge, you'll see a wooded park on your right.

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