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McNeil Point Hike

McNeil Point Hike Mount Hood Wilderness

Mt Hood McNeil Point hike is 10.5 miles roundtrip with an elevation gain of 2200 feet. We can get the amazing meadow views at Bald Mountain. The hike to McNeil Point begins at Top Spur Trailhead, in the Mt. Hood National Wilderness. We need to follow signs for McNeil Point along the Pacific Crest and Timberline Trails heading north.
Mt Hood View from McNeil Point
McNeil Point Hike
Snowshoeing McNeil Point
This trail is Located on the northwest shoulder of Mount Hood, this McNeil Point hike offers all the best that alpine has to offer. Wildflowers, mountain-fed creeks, and a fantastic mountain view.  
·         Start point: Top Spur Trail-head
·         End point: McNeil Point Shelter Mt Hood
·         Distance: 10.4 miles round-trip
·         Elevation gain: 2200 feet
·         High Point: 6,100 feet
·         Difficulty: Difficult
·         Seasons: July - November
·         Location: Mount Hood National Forest 

Hike Description : From the Top Spur Trailhead, you head upwards for half a mile and then take a right onto the Pacific Crest Trail. A very short way on, you reach a junction with four different trails near a large sign where you can fill out your Wilderness Permit.

Your best option is to take the Timberline Trail up and to the right of the sign. This will have you going gently upwards through dense forest until you reach the wide view of Bald Mountain. Far below the trail is the Muddy River and up ahead should be a truly stellar view of Mt. Hood.
McNeil Point Hike Mt hood
McNeil Point Hike Mount Hood Wilderness
McNeil Point Shelter Hike Mt Hood
McNeil Point Trail Mt Hood
Mount Hood meadows Muddy River
Continue on the trail until you enter the forest again. You should soon reach a sign indicating a "Cut Off Trail" that goes up and over the ridge to your left. Take it. It is only 0.1 miles.

On the other side of the ridge, take a right and begin a moderate ascent up and through the forest on the Timberline Trail. You will pass the turnoff for the McGee Creek Trail and continue upwards. In a little over a mile you will come out of the forest into a wide-open meadow with excellent views. Continue past this meadow area and you head downhill a short distance before climbing up a few switchbacks.

At the top of the switchbacks continue on the main trail. You will cross two creeks (one with a rather pleasant waterfall), hike past two small lakes, head up a couple switchbacks, and then reach the turnoff for Mazama Trail #625. Continue on the Timberline Trail up the ridge and you will soon reach the McNeil Point turnoff that goes to the right.
McNeil Point Hike Oregon
Oregon McNeil Point Hike

How To Reach: Drive to Lolo Pass, Oregon. Immediately before reaching the top of Lolo Pass is Forest Service Road 1828. Take a right onto Road 1828 and go 3 miles to the junction with gravel Road 118. Take a sharp left onto Road 118 and follow for 1.6 miles to the Top Spur Trailhead.

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