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Narada Falls Mt Rainer

Narada Falls in Mount Rainier National Park

Narada Falls is a waterfall in Mount Rainier National Park, in the U.S. state of Washington. It is said to be the most popular, because the Mount Rainier Highway crosses the falls between its two tiers.
Mount Rainier National Park Waterfalls
Mount Rainier Narada Falls
Narada Falls Mount Rainier National Park

This magical waterfall – and popular Mt. Rainier tourist attraction – is located on the road from Longmire to Paradise, just one mile west of the entrance to the Paradise area. At 176 feet high, the falls have two distinct features: the top tier, and tallest at 159 feet is a horsetail fall, so described because it has multiple channels down the rock face.
Narada Falls Mt Rainer
Narada Falls Washington
The lower tier is a 17-foot plunge to a pool. Reached by a short, but often wet and slippery path, the best viewing is from below the road. Parking is convenient and for any visitor, especially waterfalls devotees, this stop is a must-see. There is a trail available to hike down below the falls however it is often wet and slippery, and not typically snow-free until late May.

·         Height:           188 feet
·         Form:             Horsetail
·         Number of Drops:    2
·         Water Source :          Paradise River
·         Location :      Mount Rainier National Park
Narada WaterFalls

Narada WaterFalls Hike : Trail begins on the far side of the bridge, The path may be wet and Slippery. The Paradise River runs clean not milky, because it originates from snowfields, not debris-laden glaciers. 
·         Distance : 0.2 Mile (0.4 Round trip)
·         Steep : 200 foot Descent / Ascent

From some early visitors of the waterfall suggested spiritual connections. They name it Narada after a powerful sage of Hindu mythology who acted as a messenger between human and divine realms.

At the end of the short trail, the entire 168-foot-high waterfall is visible. The vista is not only about dramatically falling water but also the rock that created the steep drop. Here the paradise river plunges over the edge of a relatively recent flow of hard andesite lava that abuts much older rock. This lava's cooling was accelerated by contact with the icy surface of the glacier that once filled this valley.
Narada Falls Mount Rainier

How To Reach : From the Nisqually Entrance to the park, follow the road 14 miles to a signed viewpoint and parking lot. Follow a short trail for full views of the falls.

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