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Mount Soma Somesvarar Temple

Sri Somesvara Temple, Mount Soma, North Carolina

Sri Somesvara Temple is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, It is a Vedic Shiva temple at the center of Mount Soma, a community commonly referred to as “Mount Kailash of the West.” Visitors travel great distances to experience Sri Somesvara’s powerful Linga, profound silence, and timeless vibrations. 
Sri Somesvara Temple NC
Somesvara Temple in Mount Soma
Mount Soma - Sri Somesvara Temple

Mount Soma Somesvarar Temple

The Prime deity of this temple is Lord Siva called as Sri Somesvarar, and Other Deities are

Mount Soma Siva Temple
Mount Soma Hanuman Park
Mount Soma  Mahanandi Park

The temple has Meditation Hall, Mahanandi Park and Hanuman Park. A 15-foot hand-carved granite statue of the deity Hanuman was celebrated in June 2014 and installed as part of an outdoor park.

Mount Soma Shiva Temple
Mount Soma Temple North Carolina
North Carolina  Mount Soma Temple

Location : Sri Somesvarar Temple, 95 Mount Soma Blvd, Clyde, NC 28721.

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