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Calicut Thali Temple

Calicut Thali Temple

The Kozhikkode Thali temple is an ancient one, dating back to the days of the Zamorin rule. The term Thali refers to a Shiva temple; however, the temple complex also houses a shrine to Krishna. Legend has it that Parasurama, associated with several temples in Kerala, worshipped Shiva here.
Kozhikode Thali Temple
Calicut Thali Temple
Several legends associated with feudal rivalry, curses and relief from curses are associated with this temple. In its glorious days, this temple celebrated the Revathi Pattattaanam festival for seven days in the malayala month of Tulaa where learning and scholarship was celebrated with feasting and awards. The composer of Narayaneeyam (Guruvayur) is said to have been a recepient of awards at this festival. The Zamorin is also asociated with the pomp and splendor of the now extinct Mahamakam festival at Tirunavayi.

This temple suffered destruction at the hands of Tippu Sultan and Hyder Ali and was renovated in the 18th century. The current structure dates back to the period of the ruler Manavikraman. The two storeyed sanctum has works of art in terms of stone sculptures and wood work with scenes from the puranas. In front of the sanctum is a chamber with intricate woodwork.There are also shrines to Ganapati, Narasimha and Saasta.
Tali Calicut Temple
Tali Mahadeva Temple
Thali Calicut Temple
In the north east segment of the temple complex is the Krishna shrine with its own set of mandapams and a flagstaff. The 7 day long annual festival commences on the Malayala New Year. Five worship services are offered each day.

The famous Revathi Pattathanam(Sapthadina Vidwat Sadassu) started here.

The temple hosts the annual 'competition for scholars' called Revathi Pattathanam attended by eminent scholars and philophers of Bharatiya Mimamsa, Prabhakara Mimamsa, Vedanta Mimamsa and Vyakarana. The Tali Mahadeva Temple is very close to Kozhikode Railway Station .
Tali Sri Mahaganapthy Sri Balasubrahmanya Kshetram
There is an another temple Tali Sri Mahaganapthy Sri Balasubrahmanya Kshetram, which is very close.

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