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Jaya Hanuman Temple Beaverton

Jaya Hanuman Temple Beaverton

Jaya Hanuman Temple & Cultural Center (JHTCC) will function as a “not for profit” organization with a central purpose of serving the devotees in the North-West, to promote and nurture the Hindu way of life. The organization will have the religious purpose of serving as a place of worship to the devotees as well as a place to promote and celebrate the Indian culture, through its cultural wing. 
Portland Jaya Hanuman Temple
Jaya Hanuman Temple Beaverton
Lord Ganesh Jaya Hanuman Temple
Lord Shiva Jaya Hanuman Temple
The organization will provide a place for all, regardless of the ethnicity and background to practice and learn about Indian culture, traditions and values. For the people with the strong desire among the religious minded settlers of North West to have a place of worship that adheres to Vedic traditions is the single biggest source of demand for the services that will be offered by JHTCC.
Jaya Hanuman Temple in Beaverton
Jaya Hanuman Temple Portland
Sai Baba in Jaya Hanuman Temple
Jay Hanuman Temple has the following idols to worship:
Lord Venkateswara
Lord Shiva
Lord Vinayakar
Lord Anjeneyar
Navagragha Idols

Address: Portland  Jaya Hanuman Temple, 17235 NW Corridor Ct #175, Beaverton, OR 97006.

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