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Helton Creek Falls

Helton Creek Falls in Georgia

Helton Creek Falls is a series of two waterfalls located within the Chattahoochee National Forest in Union County, Georgia. Gorgeous! Helton Creek is a wonderful place to spend the day. This very short and easy trail takes you to two beautiful waterfalls.
Falls in Vogel State Park
Upper Helton Creek Falls Georgia
Helton Creek Road in Vogel State Park
Helton Creek Falls has some pretty sensational views. The Upper Falls is a popular hangout and swimming hole for the locals. And the lower falls, where people have brought tubes or yoga mats to slide down the rocks into the water.  
Lower Helton Creek Falls
Clear Helton Creek from the Falls
Helton Creek Falls in Vogel State Park
Upper Helton Creek Falls
Upper Helton Creek Falls observation deck
To reach these falls go north from Dahlonega on US19 21.5 miles to Neels gap. Go another 1.7 miles to Helton Creek Rd. on the right. Follow Helton Creek Rd. 2.3 miles to a Forest Service parking area on the right. About half of this distance is paved. Helton Creek Falls Trail is about half mile distance and not very strenuous.

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