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Helton Creek Falls Trail

Helton Creek Falls Trail

Helton Creek Falls Trail follows Helton Creek to two waterfalls. The trail accesses the lower falls and top of the falls and ends at the bottom of the upper falls. The total vertical drop is more than 50 feet. The rocks are deceptively slippery around these falls. 
Georgia Helton Creek Falls
Trail to Helton Creek Falls
Helton Creek Falls Trail
Helton Creek Falls Trail (.6 miles - In and out) leads to Catch the two rushing waterfalls, it is just a .6 mile hike located north of Helen, Georgia near Vogel State Park. The short but scenic trail leads to the first falls, which are about 30 feet high. The second falls, a short way down the path, is a set of twin cascades that drop at over 50 feet.
Sliding Rock Helton Creek Falls
Helton Creek Falls Sliding Rock
Falls in Chattahoochee National Forests
Helton Creek Falls, Blairsville, GA there are two falls on Helton Creek in the Chattahoochee National Forests. The upper falls which has an observation deck is about 50 yards above the lower falls.
Helton Creek Falls Trail in Blairsville
Helton Creek Falls Georgia
Helton Creek Falls observation deck
How To Reach : From the small parking lot on Helton Creek Road head to the right to find the trailhead, marked by a simple sign and arrow. Go south on U.S. Hwy. 129 from Blairsville for 11 miles. Turn left on first road past Vogel State Park. Go 2.2 miles. Trail head is on right.

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