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Amicalola Falls

Georgia's Tallest Waterfall - Amicalola Falls

Amicalola Falls is a 729-foot (222 m) waterfall in Dawson County, Georgia, United States. It the highest waterfall in Georgia and is considered to be one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia. The name "Amicalola" is derived from a Cherokee language word meaning "tumbling waters". It is located within Amicalola Falls State Park. Amicalola State Park is one of the best place in Georgia to see the Leaf Watch in fall season. 
A Natural Wonder Amicalola Falls
Appalachian Approach Trail - Top of the Falls
Amicalola Falls Trail is actually two trails, the "Base of Falls" Trail and the waterfalls trail (Top of the Falls) and they have two entirely different personalities. The Base of Falls Trail parallels the paved road between the visitor’s center and the reflecting pool, crossing it once and ending up at the southwest corner of the lower falls parking lot. The falls portion of the Amicalola Falls Trail is a steep, paved trail that requires a good deal of effort to climb up.

Amicalola Falls View in 3 Different Season 
Amicalola Falls - Southeast's tallest cascading waterfall
One of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia
Amicalola Falls Main Cascade view
There are several hiking trails, including an entrance to the Appalachian Trail. It is loaded with fun park amenities.
·         East Ridge Trail (Old Appalachian Approach Trail)
·         Spring Trail
·         Mountain Laurel Loop
·         New Appalachian Approach Trail/Base of The Falls Trail
·         West Ridge Falls Access Trail
·         Backcountry Len Foote Hike Inn
Amicalola Falls Observation Deck
Amicalola Falls State Park Top View
Amicalola Falls in the northeast Georgia mountains
To reach the top of the Amicalola Falls we have to climb total 620 steps to the summit – 175 to the viewing area deck and then another 445 to the top. For this reason, we suggest you climb to the top of the falls via the East Ridge Trail and come down the "Top of Falls Trail" on the return to visitor center parking lot. This hike is much easier. 

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