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Welleby Park

Welleby Park in Sunrise Florida

Welleby Park is one of the largest parks in the Sunrise City - and one of its most utilized. The park offers year-round recreational opportunities for Sunrise residents, and is the site of the annual Woodstock Arts & Crafts Festival. 
Welleby Park Lake Florida
Welleby Park Lake
Welleby Park in Sunrise Florida
Rainbow Reflection Maimi
The Welleby Park nearly 29 acres, features ten picnic pavilions, as well as an extensive children's play area with playground equipment atop a rubberized safety surface. Welleby Park also has a restroom facility and a looped walking path totaling 1.23 miles 
Full Rainbow in Florida Welleby Park
Full Rainbow in Sunrise Welleby Park
Rainbow in Miami Welleby Park
Rainbow in Welleby Lake
Rainbow in Welleby Park

Location : Welleby Park is located just southwest of the corner of NW 44 Street and Hiatus Road.

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