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Texas Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets - State Flower of Texas

A hardy winter annual native to Texas, the Bluebonnet was adopted as the "State Flower of Texas". This is the most commonly seen variety along roadsides and in uncultivated pastures throughout the state. Flowers are densely arranged on a spike with a characteristic ice white terminal tip. 

Best Places to See Texas Bluebonnets in Spring time
Best Spots in Texas to See Bluebonnets
Bluebonnets Locations in Texas
Lupinus texensis, the Texas lupine or Texas bluebonnet, is a species of lupine endemic to Texas. With other related species of lupines also called bluebonnets, it is the state flower of Texas.
Bluebonnets San Antonio Texas
Best Time to See the Bluebonnets Flowers :  In general Every year in the month of April 1-30, and the bluebonnets typically peak around the 3rd week of April. There’s an approximate two- to four-week window every March and April for catching sight of these wildflowers. Just how long they last and how spectacular their blooms become depends on the preceding winter’s rain and cold.  Some places Bluebonnets look their best from late March to mid April.
Bluebonnets Texas
Fact to know about Bluebonnets : Believe it or not, the bluebonnet is actually toxic if ingested. Leaves and seeds from the entire Lupinus plant family are poisonous. If you are with kids be careful. 
Ocean Of Bluebonnets Near Austin
Ocean Of Bluebonnets Texas
State Flower of Texas
Texas Bluebonnets
Texas Lupinus texensis

I took the above photos in roadside of 281 Highway from San Antonio to Johnson City.

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