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Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnell in Austin

Mount Bonnell is one of Austin’s main attractions for both tourists and residents.  Mount Bonnell sits on about 5 acres and the distance to the top is 0.31 miles. There is no entrance fee and visitors can choose to either climb the stairs or “hike” along the winding trail to the top.
Covert Park at Mount Bonnell
Beautiful view of Lake Austin
Mount Bonnell rises 775 feet on the eastern bank of the Colorado River, what is now Lake Austin. This Central Texas classic is one of Austin’s oldest tourist attractions, dating all the way back to the 1850s. Today it remains an Austin hotspot, attracting everyone from hikers and bikers to families and lovebirds. Although the actual main hiking path is pretty short, measuring just about 0.3 miles, there is a nearly 200-foot elevation gain from the bottom of the stairs to the top.
Covert Park Mount Bonnell
Mount Bonnell
Lake Austin Mount Bonnell
Eastern bank of the Colorado River
Mount Bonnell provides a spectacular vista of Lake Austin, surrounding bluffs and multi-million dollar homes, the 360 bridge and downtown skyline. Climb the stairs or path to reach the highest point in the city, and you can even take a picnic - tables and grills are available. With the mostly mild winters in Central Texas, this sunset is nice to watch almost year-round. It's a great spot for picnicking, too, with rolling hills, the Colorado River, and all of Austin virtually spread out before you. Spread out a blanket or take advantage of the many picnic tables and pavilion that are at the site.
Texas Historical Marker at Mount Bonnell
Austin’s main attractions Mt Bonnell
Covert Park at Mount Bonnell can literally take your breath away.  It gives the Beautiful view of Lake Austin and the 360 Bridge, looking north from the top of Mount Bonnell. It is one of the Texas Historical Marker.

Address : Mount Bonnell
3800 Mt. Bonnell Rd., Austin, TX 78731

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