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Siruvachur Mathura Kaliamman Temple

The Mathura Kaliamman Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Kali located in the village of Siruvaachur in the Perambalur taluk of Perambalur District, India. Siruvaachur is located at a distance of 5 km from Perambalur.
Siruvachur Mathura Kaliamman Temple
The prime deity is Mathura Kaliamman. The temple is open to devotees only twice a week – Monday and Friday.It is believed that the main deity, Mathura Kaliamman, stays with Chelliamman during the remaining days of the week.

The temple is small with a main shrine and one prakara. A small tower and a pond outside the temple are found. Madura Kaliamman is in the sitting posture with four hands. There are few village deities found in this small temple.
Madura Kaliamman Siruvachur Arch
சிறுவாச்சூர் மதுரகாளி அம்மன்
Madura Kali Amman Siruvaachur
There are many legends associated with this temple. It is believed that the temple is very old (though not the current structure) and it was even renovated by Kulothunga Chola.

As per one legend, Kannagi of Silappadikaram calmed herself in this site after burning Madurai city. As per another legend, Chelli Amman was the original deity of the place. However, she was controlled by a tantric. Madura Kaliamman destroyed the tantric and rescued Chelli Amman. Chelli Amman offered this site to Kali and moved to a nearby hill. 
Siruvachur - Sri Mathura Kaliamman Temple
சிறுவாச்சூர் - ஸ்ரீ மதுரகாளி அம்மன் திருக்கோயில்
Main Deity
Goddess Name
Sri Madura Kali Amman
Sthala  Vruksham (tree)
Marudha Maram
Sthala Theertham
Temple will open only on Monday and Friday,
Other days will be closed
1000 years old
Travel Base
Siruvachur Madurakali Amman

How to Reach : On the Chennai-Trichy highway (NH45), the temple is located around 270 kms from Chennai (7 kilometers after Peramabalur) and around 50 kms from Trichy. While travelling from Chennai to Trichy, the temple’s entrance Arch is located on the right side, on the main road, after the Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Medical College. From the arch, the temple is around 2 kms.

Sri Madura Kali Amman
Siruvachur, Tamil Nadu 621113, India

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  1. A powerful Deity who fulfills the desires of Devotees whenever they worship Her with dedication and sincerity


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