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Chettikulam Kuberan Temple

Chettikulam Sri Kuberar Temple

The Ekambareswarar Temple is a Hindu temple in the village of Chettikulam in Perambalur District, Tamil Nadu, India. The presiding deities are Sri Ekambareshwarar and Sri Kamatchi Ambal.
Chettikulam Siva Murugan Temple
Chettikulam Kuberan Temple 2
Kubera Chitrakala
Kuberar Temple Chettikulam
The temple is famous for its Kubera sculpture showing the Lord of Wealth on his Fish vehicle. This is installed in 12 spots in the temple representing the 12 zodiac signs. People throng the temple to worship Kubera for wealth. Chettikulam Kubera is sitting with his wife Chitrakala on fish and also with sanganidhi and padmanidhi.

Lord Kubera is the leader of Yatchars who are here to help mankind and procure wealth. Kubera is very much devoted to Shiva .Kubera's wife 's name is Chitrakala .Father - Viswara and mother Swathi .Kubera is assisted by sanganidhi and padmanidhi to offer wealth to mankind.
12 Kuberar idols (one for each of the 12 sun signs)
12 Kuberan idols for Each Sun Signs
12 Kuberar idols
12 Kuberar idols For each Star
Maha Kuberan Chettikulam
Kuberan Yenthiram
How To Reach :  Chettikulam Kuberan Temple is located inside the Ekambareswarar Temple. So please check my main post for more details - Chettikulam Shiva Temple (Sri Ekambareswarar Temple).

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