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Thiru oottathur  Suddha Rathneswarar Shiva Temple

The Rathneswarar Temple is a Hindu temple in the village of Oottathur in Perambalur District, Tamil Nadu, India. The presiding deities are Sri Suttha Rathneswarar and Sri Akilandeswari.
Oottathur Shiva Temple
Oottathur Siva Temple
Panchanadhana Nataraja : There are five types of stones which are used to make statues of Gods and Goddesses, namely, Aalinga Nadhanam, Panchanadhanam, Singanadhanam, Yaanainadhanam and Yaazhinadhanam. Out of these, Panchanadhanam stones have the ability to absorb sun rays. The root of a plant called Andhaka Narimanam will pierce through and break one in a million stones. Such stones are called Panchanadhana Stones. When struck with a coin, they emit a sound equivalent to "Aum".
Panchanadhana Nataraja Idol Ootathur
Siva Temple to cure diseases
Nandhiyaaru Nandhikeshwarar
The Nataraja at Oothathur is made out of Panchanadhana Stone. This unique and beautiful idol stands majestically and is being worshipped ardently by those who suffer from kidney ailments. They garland this Nataraja with Vetiver and perform abhishekam with the water of Brahma Theertham. This water is then collected and given to the concerned person. On consuming the water for 45 days, the patients are relieved completely of their ailments. There are a number of testimonials available in the temple of those who have tried this remedy and found relief. This water is said to have medicinal properties and is capable of curing several diseases and ailments.
Ottathur Devara Vaipu sthalam
Ottathur Thevara Vaippu sthalams
Oottathur Shiva Temple Near Padalur
Significance of the temple:
v  This is one of the Devara Vaipu sthalam on the nandhi river bank.
v  The otathur siva temple has the pride of being sung by the Great saint, Appar - Thirunavukkarasar.
v  It is one of the shrines of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams - Shiva Sthalams glorified in the early medieval Tevaram poems.
v  On the ceiling, near the Dwajasthambam, can be seen the 27 stars along with the 12 sun signs facing the ground below and in a seperate panel nearby are the 9 planets.
v  Brahma Theertham right in front of the Lord shiva Sanctum.

v  This temple, said to have been originally built in the 7th Century and it was renovated by Raja Raja Chola I and Rajadhiraja Chola. There are over fifty inscriptions in this temple from the times of Raja Raja, Rajendra and Rajadhiraja.

Oottathur - Sri Suddha Rathneswarar Temple
ஊட்டத்தூர் - சுத்தரத்தினேஸ்வரர் திருக்கோயில்
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Sri Suddha Ratneswarar
Goddess Name
Sri Akilandeswari
Thiru Oottathur
Temple Tank
Brahma Theertham
Temple is on the Nandhi river bank (Nanthai River)
One of the Thevara Vaippu sthalams,
Panchanadhana Nataraja idol
Shiva Temple for Kidney Problems 
1000 years old
Travel Base
Oottathur Suddha Rathneswarar Temple
Oottathur Ramar Temple
How To Reach :  Ootathur is about 45 kms from Trichy and about 5 kms from Padalur. On the NH 45 when you are travelling towards Trichy after you cross Thanthai Hans Roever College and Sanjeeviraya Hanuman Temple on your left, you would find a board reading Padalur. Turn left and proceed for about five kms then you will reach Ottathur Shiva Temple.

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Chettikulam village is just 15 kms away from this temple.


  1. Temple main priest does Pooja only to devotees who pay Rs. 3000 for others he asks to wait, today I visited he was kept on talking to a devotee for more than 15 mnts without making arathi I told him we are getting late to visit other temples it's already 10.15 am he said you have to wait they pay more, I just left

    1. What is your opinion or experience on Kidney stone removal by consuming the Theertha. I’m planning to take my mother to that temple next week. Is that belief is true? Atleast you must have heard this from any of your frnds or neighbours...

  2. Hope oottathur authorities appoint more priest to avoid such situation to devotees and warn the main priest

  3. No I have not heard. Belief is God Nmabinor kedivadillai. Try it with full faith at least you can have darshan.


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