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Tiruvarur Thyagarajar Temple

Tiruvarur - Thyagaraja Swamy Temple

Sri Valmikanatha swamy is the principal deity, the temple derives its name from Lord Thyagaraja who is unique to this temple. Lord Thyagaraja is in the form of Somaskanda, a composite image of Lord Siva, Sri Uma and Lord Subramanya made by Lord Vishnu.
Thyagaraja Temple Tiruvarur
Sapta Vitankan Temples
Thiruvarur Thyagarajar Kamalambal
Legend has it that Lord Vishnu, to redeem himself from the curse by Sri Parvathi, whom he had failed to honour , created Sri Somaskanda and worshipped him and got rid of the curse. He was keeping this image on his chest and it was called Sri Thyagaraja. As he inhaled and exhaled, Sri Thyagaraja image on the chest moved up and down and this became the ‘Ajapa' dance of Sri Thyagaraja.

Later Lord Vishnu presented this image to Indra, head of Devas. Muchukunda, a great chola king, saved Indra and Devas from Asuras at one point of time. Indra wanted to present a gift to Muchukunda as a token of gratitude. Muchukunda wanted Sri Thyagaraja image with Indra. Indra created six images of Sri Thyagaraja like the original one and asked Muchukunda to choose the original one by placing the seven images before him. 
Thiruvarur Thiyagaraja Swamy Temple
Tiruvarur Kamalambal Temple
Muchukunda chose the right one by his divine power. Muchukunda was given all the seven images. Muchukunda came to his capital - Tiruvarur - and installed the original image of Sri Thyagaraja at Tiruvarur and the other six images at Tirunallar, Nagapattinam, Thirukaravasal, Thiruvaimoor, Vedaranyam and Thirukuvalai around Tiruvarur.

Ajapa dance of Lord Thyagaraja signifies the control and manoeuvre of breathing. Sri Appar, one of the four Tamil stalwarts, refers to this association of Sri Thyagaraja with the breathing methods in his Devaram. Tirumular also glorifies the importance of Ajabaa Natanam (dance). 
Tiruvarur Kamalayayam Tank
Tiruvarur Temple Pond
Manu Neethi Cholan Thiruvarur
Significance of the temple:
v  The temple is praised in Thevaram hymns. This is the 87th and 88th Shiva temple on the southern bank of Cauvery praised in Thevaram hymns (Paadal Petra Sthalam).
v  Vanmikanathar represents the Moolavar while the shrine dedicated to Thiyagaraja is the better known shrine in the temple.
v  Vanmeekinathar Temple is considered as the 87th Paadal Petra Sthalam.
v  Tiruvarur Araneri - Araneriyappar Temple is considered as the 88th Paadal Petra Sthalam (Araneri Achaleswarar Temple).
v  The famous Kamalalayam kulam (tank) , and the big temple car which weighs 300 tonnes when fully decorated, add to the glory of Tiruvarur.
v  Miracles associated with the lives of other Saivite Saints at Tiruvarur. Naminandi Adikal, Dandi Adikal and Somaasi Maaranaar are some of the other saints associated with Tiruvarur.
v  One of the Sapta Vitankan Temples, Sapta Vitanka Shrines refer to seven temples in the Chola kingdom enshrining images of Tyagaraja brought to earth by Mucukunda Chakravarti.
Thiruvarur - Sri Thiagarajar Temple
திருவாரூர் - தியாகராஜர் திருக்கோவில்
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Sri Thiagaraja Swamy, Sri Vanmikanathar
Goddess Name
Sri Kamalambikai
Historical Name
Aaroor, Arur
87th and 88th Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in South of cauvery region,
Two Devaram Padal Petram Sthalams present in same premises,
One of the Sakthi peetam
One of the Sapthavidanga sthalam, Tiruvarur Car Festival,
The temple chariot is one of the largest in India
Manuneethi Cholan's justice
1500 years old
Travel Base

Manu Neethi Chola : There was a Chola king who ruled Thiruvarur by name Manuniti Chola. Once his son, when riding the Chariot, accidentally killed a calf on the road. As per the rules of the kingdom, a bell was kept outside the palace and anyone wishing to have one's grievance attended to should ring the bell. The cow mother of the calf, pulled the bell on seeing the dead calf. The king, the just ruller that he was, rode the chariot over his son. Pleased with the king's sense of justice, the gods are set to have revived.

Places of Lord Shiva rendering Moksha முக்தியளிக்கும் சிவஸ்தலங்கள், சிவ சிவ 


1. பிறக்க முக்தியளிப்பது - திருவாரூர்
2. வாழ முக்தியளிப்பது -  காஞ்சிபுரம்
3.  இறக்க முக்தியளிப்பது -  வாரணாசி (காசி)
4. தரிசிக்க முக்தியளிப்பது - தில்லை (சிதம்பரம்)
5. சொல்ல முக்தியளிப்பது - திருஆலவாய் (மதுரை)
6. கேட்க முக்தியளிப்பது - அவிநாசி
7. நினைக்க முக்தியளிப்பது - திருவண்ணாமலை
8 . உணர முக்தியளிப்பது -  திருப்பெருந்துறை

How to Reach :  Thiyagaraja Swamy Temple is situated in the heart of Thiruvarur town  
Another Paadal Petra Sthalam(88th)  ThiruvarurAraneri is located inside the same temple.

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