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Kurungaleeswarar Temple

Chennai Koyambedu - Kurungaleeswarar Temple

Koyambedu is situated at the north western side of Chennai. An ancient temple for Lord Shiva, where the main deity is Sri Kurungaaleeswarar and Goddess Sri Dharmasamvardhani (also called Aram Valartha Naayagi).
Koyambedu Kurungaleeswarar Temple
Koyambedu Kuchalavapureeswarar Temple
Kurungaleeswarar Temple
The main deity Sri Kurungaaleeswarar is also called as Sri Kusalavapureeswarar. It is said that Lava and Kusa, sons of Sri Rama stayed with Sage Valmiki in his Ashram along with their mother Sita Devi.

The legend of this temple connects to Ramayana period, when Sita Devi was sent to forest by Sri Rama. Sitha was under the care of Sage Sri Valmiki during that period and also gave birth to her 2 sons Lava and Kusa.

When Sri Rama sent the Aswamedha horse around the country, Lava and Kusa brought the horse to their custody. Without knowing that it was His sons who captured the horse, Sri Rama sent Lakshmana who fought a battle with them. As Lava and Kusa fought against their own uncle, they acquired a Dhosham called Gothra Dhosham. To be relieved of it, it is said that, they installed and worshipped Lord Shiva in this place.

The presiding deity Sri Kurungaaleeswarar is too small as it was installed by two small kids. This wonderful temple has stood strong across centuries and still has not lost its originality.
Koyambedu Twin Temples
Koyambedu Shiva Temple
Lava Kusa Siva Temple
Kuchalavapureeswarar Temple
Significance of Kurungaleeswarar Temple
Ø  Lord Rama installed a Siva Lingam at Rameswaram and his sons installed at Koyambedu.
Ø  The holy tree of this temple is Jack tree and holy water is Lava kucha theertham.
Ø  The Navagraha shrine (9 planets) in front of the Goddess is on a stage designed as a lotus. Sun appears on a chariot drawn by seven horses with his consorts Usha and Pradyusha. Charioteer Aruna is holding the reins. This is a rare form.
Ø  There is an image of Sarabeswarar sculpted at one of the pillars in a mandapam outside the temple. Devotees throng the temple during Rahu kalam on Sundays to worship Sarabeeswarar.
Chennai Koyambedu - Kurungaleeswarar Temple
சென்னை கோயம்பேடு - குறுங்காலீஸ்வரர் திருக்கோவில்
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Deity Name
Sri Kurungaleeswarar and Sri Darmasamvardhani
Around 1500 years old
Temple is related to Ramayana Period.
Travel Base
Lava kusha theertham
Chennai Sarabeswarar
Kollu in Koyambedu Shiva Temple
How to Reach :  The temple is 2 Kms away from Chennai Koyambedu CMBT. Temple is easily accessible by Bus, Autos, Metro Train .
Sri kurungaleeswarar Temple,
sivan koil street,  koyambedu.
chennai 600107

There is another temple adjacent to it, which is dedicated to Maha Vishnu called Sri Vaikunda Vaasa Perumal temple, which is again formed by Lava and Kusa.
Both Shiva and Vishnu Temples are called as Twin temples of Koyambedu.

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