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Chennai Somangalam - Somanaadheeswarar Temple 

Somangalam is an ancient, beautiful village having a temple for Lord Shiva called as Somanatheswarar Temple. The main deity here is Somanatheswarar and Divine Mother Shakti as Kamakshi Amman.

Somangalam Somanatheswarar Temple
Somangalam Somanaadheeswarar Temple
Temple History : This temple belongs to the Navagraha temples of Chennai dedicated to Sri Chandra Bhagwan (moon God). According to history, once Sri Chandra Bhagwan got cursed by Dhakshan. Due to this curse, he lost his divine power and forgot all 16 forms of arts he had acquired. To get rid of this curse, he is said to have created a pond in this place called Soma Theertham and worshipped Lord Shiva here. After this, he got back his beauty and wisdom. 

As Sri  Chandra Bhagwan worshipped Lord Shiva here, Shiva here is known as Somanaadheeswarar and the place came to be known as Somangalam. This temple is a parihaara sthalam for those having any dhosham related to Chandra Bhagwan. Sri Chandra Bhagwan has a separate shrine in the temple facing west. Lord Nataraja here is called as Chathura Thaandava Murthy.
Somangalam Chandran Sthalam
Somanatheswarar Siva Temple
Somanaadheeswarar Temple Chennai
Navagraha Temples of Chennai - Chandran

Chennai Somangalam - Somanatheswarar Temple
சென்னை சோமங்கலம் - சோமநாதீசுவரர் திருக்கோவில்
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Sri Somanatheswarar and Sri Kamakshi Amman
Chandra (Moon) sthalam of the Navagraha worship
Navagraha Temples in Chennai - Chandran,
Other name - Chaturvedi Mangalam
Tevara Vaippu Sthalam - Ref : 6.70.10
(இத்தலம் அப்பர் வாக்கில் இடம்பெற்றுள்ள - வைப்புத் தலமாகும்)
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Significance  : Somangalam is a Chathurvedimangalam, a village donated by the Kings to the Pandits of the four vedas to conduct various yagnas and regular poojas.
This is the Navagraha Temple of Thondai Mandalam which is dedicated to the Sri Chandra Bhagavan (God Moon) . Lord Nandhi unusually seen facing east instead of facing the Lord in the sanctum.     
சோமங்கலம் Somangalam Shiva Temple
Chennai Navagraha temples

The Sthala Viruksham for this temple is Sarakkonrai Maram which is found on the northern side of the sanctum. There is a small shrine having small Shiva Lingam below this tree and is called Viruksha Lingam. An image of a tree is carved on stone above this Lingam.

The Vaippu Sthalam (வைப்புத் தலங்கள்), Also Called Thevara Vaippu Sthalam are places in South India that were mentioned casually in the songs in Tevaram, hymns composed in praise of Lord Shiva during 7th-8th century.

How to Reach :  Somangalam lies about 18 kms away from Tambaram. One can proceed on the route from Tambaram via Kishkinta to reach Somangalam. The better alternative is to take the road from Pallavaram going to Kunrathur. After reaching Kunrathur junction, one has to take a left turn (towards south) to reach Somangalam. Somangalam is about 10 kms from Kunrathur. Also plenty of busses ply from Porur directly to Somangalam.
Somangalam is very close to Dhanalakshmi Engineering College (Around 3 kms).

Navagraha temples in and around Chennai

There are 9 temples at the outskirts of Chennai dedicated to the Navagrahams. Similar to Kumbakonam, our ancestors have built temples for all 9 planets in the then Thondai Mandalam.

Here is the list of the Navagraha temples located in Chennai. Click on the name of the temple for more info.

Sri Suryan - Kolappaakkam Sri Agatheeswarar Temple
Sri Chandran - Somangalam Sri Somanaadheeswarar Temple
Sri Angaaragan - Poondhamalli Sri Vaidheeswarar Temple (Uthara Vaidheeswaran Koil)
Sri Guru - Porur Sri Ramanaadheswarar Temple (Uthara Raameswaram)
Sri Sukran - Maangaadu Sri Velleeswarar Temple
Sri Saneeswarar - Pozhichalur Sri Agatheeswarar Temple (Vada Thirunallaaru)
Sri Kethu - Gerugambaakkam Sri Neelakandeswarar Temple
Sri Raahu - Kunrathur Sri Naageswarar Temple (Vada Thirunaageswaram) 

Check this link for more temples in and around Chennai - Temples Around Chennai

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