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Chennai Saidapet - Karaneeswarar Temple

Karaneeswarar Temple is a Hindu temple located in the neighbourhood of Saidapet in Chennai, India. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Chennai Saidapet - Karaneeswarar Temple

Thirukaraneeswarar saidapet


This temple has a 7-storied Gopuram with two prakarams(closed precincts of a temple). The main deity is Lord Karaneeswara and Goddess Swarnaambikai (The Golden Mother).

Apart from this, there are separate shrines for Lord Ganapathi,Lord Karthikeya and other Parivara Devtas. This temple is located next to the Saidapet Railway station.

Saidapet Karaneeswarar Temple

காரணீஸ்வரர் திருக்கோவில்

Karaneeswarar Kovil

Karaneeswarar Temple

Significance of Karaneeswarar Temple
Ø  The temple has 7-storied Gopurams with two Prakarams.
Ø  Once Lord Indra gave his divine cow "Kamdhenu" to sage Vashista. Lord Indra worried since his cow didn't return for a long time.
Ø  He found that she has been cursed into a normal cow for interrupting pooja and prayer of saint Vashista.
Ø  After consulting his Ganas he found that the holy cow can be redeemed if he built temple to lord Shiva in Mylapore and Thiruvanmiyur. 
Ø  He then ordained clouds (In Tamil 'kar') and then cool they are by wonderful green pasture.
Ø  He installed the Linga and prayed to Lord Shiva, then he redeemed his holy cow and blessed him the status of Gopathi (Lord Of Cows).
Ø  The tank he made is called as "Gopathi Saras".

Ø  People who takes bath on this tank on full  moon days get rid of many of their illness.

Chennai Saidapet - Karaneeswarar Temple
சென்னை சைதாப்பேட்டை - காரணீஸ்வரர் திருக்கோவில்
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Deity Name
Sri Karaneeswarar and Sri Swarnambigai
Around 500 years old
Ancient Name : ThiruKarani (திருக்காரணி) , ThiruKaranichuram
Travel Base

Saidapet Karaneeswarar Kovil

Karaneeswarar Temple Saidapet

How to Reach :  Temple is easily accessible by Chennai Metro Bus and Train. 
Note : The Time stamp shown in the images are in EST (USA Eastern Time), Forget to change the time zone while back to India.

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