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Someswar Temple

Kumbakonam - Someswar Temple

Someswara Temple, situated in Kumbakonam, is dedicated to Lord Someshwar and Goddess Somasundari. The temple is easily accessible via the eastern side of the Portamarai tank.  

This temple faces east with a 5-tier Gopuram at the entrance. It also has an entrance in the south. The architectural style and element of this temple resembles the Dravidian Architecture of the 13th century of the Chola period.

Kudanthai - Sri Someswar Temple
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Sri Someshwar, Chikkesswar
Goddess Name
Sri Somasundari
Thirukudandhai (Kumbakonam) - Potramarai Kulam
Dravidian Architecture,
Chandiran (Moon) , Guru worshipped here.
Thirugnanam Sambathar have sung in praise of the Lord
13th century
Travel Base
Near By
Thanjavur, Thiruvarur

How to Reach : Someswar Temple is 2 km away from Kumbakonam Bus Terminal. The bus stop name is Portamarai Kulam in Tanjore Road.
The bus stop is very near to Temple. There are lot of town buses / autos available for this temple.

One can also access it from the southern road of the Sarangapani Temple.

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