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Tirusulam Shiva Temple

Chennai Tirusulam - Thirusoolanathar Temple : 

Thirusoolam is situated in Chennai, 1.5 km off GST Road, opposite to the chennai Airport. Arulmigu Thirisoolanathar Alayam is one of the several places where Brahma had worshipped Lord Shiva. It is a rare sight to see the temple in the middle of the hills dotted with shrubs.

Lord Shiva is believed to have blessed Brahma and the place was known as Brahmapuri for a while, later as Thirisuram (Suram means hill) . 

According to the legend, originally, Lord Brahma was 5 headed. As Lord Brahma was too proud of himself, Lord Shiva cut one of his heads off to bring down his ego. Later Brahma continued his duty of creation. He prayed Lord Shiva that he couldn’t concentrate on his duty because he was disturbed losing a head. Lord Shiva blessed him and granted peace of mind after which Lord Brahma continued his duties peacefully.

Thirusoolam - Sri Tirusula Nathar Temple
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Sri Thirisoolanathar
Goddess Name
Sri Tripura Sundari Amman
Trisulam - Chennai GST Road
Brahma worshipped here.
Sri Naga Yagnopaveetha Ganapathi
Sri Virasana Dakshinamurthy
Kulothunga Chozhan Built this temple
Travel Base
Chennai - Pallavaram
Near By
Chennai Airport

This is very ancient temple beautifully located amidst 4 hills at Thirusoolam. It is believed that these 4 hills denote 4 Vedas. ( Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda )

Initially this temple was built by Kulothunga Chozhan ,later renovated by sundara Chozhan. The walls of the temple have inscriptions from the Chola period

Naaga Yagnopaveetha Ganapathi, as he is wearing the Naagam (snake) as his sacred thread.
 Veerasana Dhakshinamurthy, as he is seen sitting in the ‘Veerasana’ Posture, with his left leg folded and his right leg on the Muyalaka Asura

How To Reach :  The temple is on the left from the GST road after the Meenambakkam airport. We have to cross the Tirisulam Railway line, then proceed around 2kms. Frequent Autos available from Pallavaram, Airport & Tirisulam Railway station.

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