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Ashtalakshmi Temple - Besant Nagar,

Besant Nagar Ashtalakshmi Temple 

The Ashtalakshmi Kovil is a Hindu temple, which lies on the shorelines near the Elliot's beach, in Chennai, India. 
Besant Nagar Ashtalakshmi Temple
The temple is dedicated to the goddess Lakshmi, and her eight primary forms - the Ashtalakshmi - the giver of all eight forms of wealth, namely, offspring, success, prosperity, wealth, courage, bravery, food, and knowledge. The sanctums are depicted on a multi-tier complex in such a way that visitors could visit all the shrines without stepping over any of the sanctorum. The temple was constructed on the wishes of Sri Chandrashekarendra Saraswati swamigal of Kanchi Mutt.

The temple was constructed at the efforts taken by the devotees under the leadership of the erudite Scholar Mukkur Srinivasa Vardachariyar and others. The foundation was land in the year 1974.The first Consecration Ceremony. (Kumbhabhishekam -Kudamuzhukku) was done on 5 th April,1976.
The temple's architecture is unique, with the deities installed in four levels. In this temple the Ashtalakshmi are present in four levels. The shrine of Lakshmi and her consort Vishnu is in level two. One starts the worship from here. One can take the stairs and the path leads to third floor which has the shrines of Santhanalakshmi, Vijayalakshmi, Vidyalakshmi and Gajalakshmi. Then again take a few steps and we reach the shrine of DhanaLakshmi, which is the only shrine on the fourth floor. Exiting the main shrine, in the first level, there are shrines for Aadilakshmi, Dhaanya lakshmi and Dharyalakshmi. The temple also has Dashavatara (avatars of Vishnu), Guruvayoorapan, Ganesha, Dhanwanthari and Anjaneyar deities.

Special Features: The temple was designed and constructed in the shape of ‘AUM’,the First Vedic Mantra, Pranava. As the temple is in the AUM shape it is well known as the OMKHARAKSHETRA.

Ashtanga Vimana: As the temple is dedicated to Mahavishnu and Ashta Lakshmis, the construction is on the models of Ashtanga vimana (Eight Parts) style. This is one of the very ancient styles of temple construction. This Ashtanga vimana style is found in Tirukkotiyur Where Sri Ramanuja learnt the meaning of the Ashtakshara mantra at the feet of Tirukkotiyur Nambi, Madurai (Koodalazhagar), Tiruttangal, Kanchi(Vaikuntanathar Temple) and Uttiramerur.

Ashtalakshmi Kovil - Near Beach Seashore, Besant NagarChennai, Tamil Nadu 600090, India.
This temple is very close to Arupadai veedu Murugan Temple

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