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Cathedral of St. John the Divine

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, officially the Cathedral Church of Saint John
The Great Divine in the City and Diocese of New York, is the cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of New York. It is located in New York City on Amsterdam Avenue between West 110th Street and 113th Street in Manhattan's Morning-side Heights neighborhood.

The cathedral vies with Liverpool Cathedral for the title of the largest Anglican cathedral and church.

Facts about the Cathedral of St. John

  • It is also the fourth largest Christian church in the world.  
  • The interior covers 121,000 sq ft (11,200 m2), 
  • spanning a length of 601 ft (183.2 meters) and 
  • height 232 ft (70.7 meters). 
  • The interior height of the nave is 124 feet (37.8 meters).
  • The cathedral, was designed in 1888 and begun in 1892.
  • Originally designed by Byzantine Revival-Romanesque Revival styles, 
  • Later changed to a Gothic Revival design.

Stained glass window within the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine (Largest Rose Window in the United States)

Figures of saints carved into exterior columns 

Address :

The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

1047 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, 10025
(212) 316-7540

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