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Kurinji Andavar Temple

Kodaikanal - Kurinji Andavar Murugan Temple

Kurinji Andavar kovil (குறிஞ்சி ஆண்டவர்) is situated 3 kms from the lake, is a famous shrine dedicated to Lord Muruga. In Tamil literature Kurinji means 'hill region' and Andavar means 'God'. Hence Lord Muruga is referred as 'God of hill'. This temple is associated with the Kurinji flowers, which carpets at hill sides and bloomes once in 12 years. From this temple one can have a view of Palani (Murugan Temple) and Vaigai dam.
Kodaikanal  Murugan Temple
The temple is located at the height of 6990 ft. to 7000 ft. It was constructed 1936 by an European Lady who came to India and get belief in Hinduism and converted to Hindu. Kurinji Poo (Flower) will bloom once in every 12 years. This temple is under the management of Arulmighu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Thiru Kovil, Palani.  
Kodaikanal - Kurinji Andavar Murugan Temple
Kurinji Andavar Temple

In Tamil literature, land is classified as 5 types

Kurinji             Mountains and Hills
Mullai              Forests , sloppy plains
Marudam       Agricultural farming fields
Neithal            Coastal lands
Palai                 Dry area  like a desert

குறிஞ்சி :  மலையும் மலை சார்ந்த பகுதிகளும்.
முல்லை:   காடும் காடு சார்ந்த பகுதிகளும்.
மருதம்:       வயலும் வயல் சார்ந்த பகுதிகளும்.
நெய்தல:     கடலும் கடல் சார்ந்த பகுதிகளும்.
பாலை:        நீரற்ற வற‌ண்ட பகுதி. உதாரணம்  பாலைவனம்
Kurinji Flower
Each ecological zones has assigned with different gods. Kurinji – Murugan, Mullai – Thirumal, Marudham – Vendhan, Neidhal – Katalon, Paalai – Kotravai/Kali. So Kurinji becomes a sign of Lord Muruga.

Address : Kurinji Andavar Temple, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624101

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