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Fremont Mission Peak Trail

Mission Peak Trail in Fremont

Mission Peak Trail is a 5.5 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Fremont, CA that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. 
Fremont East Bay Regional Park District
Climbing Hiking  Mountaineering in Bay Area
Bay Area Trail in Fremont
This is a moderate to strenuous trail with a constant uphill climb until you reach the summit. The trail is a well maintained gravel base until the last half mile. From this point the trail is hard pack dirt and rocky. Difficulty would definitely increase during the rainy season.
Mission Peak Fremont California Trail
Mission Peak Regional Preserve Fremont
Hiking Up At Mission Peak Regional Preserve
Mission Peak Regional Preserve Trail
At the summit, you’ll see the steel post with pipes inserted at seemingly random angles. This is a clever observation scope pointing out several landmarks visible from Mission Peak.

Ø  Highlights:  Spectacular Views Of The South Bay, Scenery
Ø  Near:  Fremont, CA
Ø  Distance:  Around 6 miles round trip
Ø  Elevation Gain: 2517 ft
Ø  Difficulty: Challenging and Strenuous
Ø  Trail Condition: Well maintained trail
Ø  Trekking Duration: Around 4hrs
Best hikes in Bay Area Mission Peak summit
Top of Mission Peak Trail
The Stanford Avenue staging area is also the western access to the Ohlone Wilderness Trail, a 29-mile hiking and riding trail through some of Southern Alameda County's most beautiful wilderness, and provides access to Mission Peak's 2,999 acres.
For More info About the Mission Peak Click this link : Mission Peak Regional Preserve

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