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Mission Peak Regional Preserve

Mission Peak Regional Preserve in Fremont

Mission Peak is a peak east of Fremont, California. It is part of a ridge that includes Mount Allison and Monument Peak. Mission Peak is located in the Mission Peak Regional Preserve and is a part of the East Bay Regional Park District.
Fremont Mission Peak
Hiking Up At Mission Peak
East Bay Regional Park District Fremont
Mission Peak is served by three trails from its western face. The Peak Trail starts at Ohlone College and heads southwards to the summit. While this trail is generally the least steep of the three, it is still quite challenging for casual hikers and requires considerable endurance due to a steady 6 mile uphill hike and 2500 feet elevation change. The other two trails, the Hidden Valley and Peak Meadow Trails both begin their ascent from Stanford Avenue and ascend the western face. They offer regular panoramic views of the Bay Area, however they are considerably steeper than the Peak Trail.
Ohlone Regional Wilderness
Mission Peak Fremont USA
Spectacular Views Of The South Bay
Sunol Regional Wilderness
Views from the peak vary with weather conditions, but it is common to be able to see the other high peaks of the Bay Area, including Ohlone Regional Wilderness, Sunol Regional Wilderness, Mount Diablo, Mount Hamilton, and Mount Tamalpais. Furthermore, the peak provides good views of the cities of Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, and Fremont. 
Mission Peak Regional Preserve
Mission Peak in Fremont CA  USA
Under the right conditions (usually a crisp and clear winter day) even the Sierra Nevada range can be seen approximately 100 miles to the east.

For More info About the Mission Peak Trail Click this link : Mission Peak Trail 

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