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Long Beach Washington

Long Beach Washington Sunset Pics

The Long Beach Peninsula is the longest contiguous beach in the U.S. at about 28 miles; The entire area is renowned for the abundant seafood harvests. This is the area of the largest salmon run in the world, razor clams, numerous other fish (halibut, cod, sardines, tuna, anchovies, etc.)

Many people are attracted to Long Beach because they can drive on it. Long Beach is actually an official Washington State highway with a 25 mph speed limit.Long Beach Sunset ViewLong Beach Peninsula Sunset View

Longest Beach in the United States:

Long Beach is actually the world's longest drivable beach, the longest beach on a Peninsula, and the longest beach in the United States, but it takes third place when it comes to the longest beaches in the world.

"The World's Longest Beach" emblazoned on the archway over Bolstad street in the town of Long Beach, the beach here is not the longest beach in the world. It should be called the "World's Longest Continuous Peninsula Beach" because it is the world's longest beach on a peninsula. It stretches 28 miles along Washington's southwest coast starting close to where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean and it then extends north to the entrance to Gray's Harbor. 

Long Beach Washington
Long Beach Washington Coast
Long Beach Sunset Washington
Long Beach Board Walk Washington
Gray Whale Sculpture Long Beach

The Long Beach Peninsula, in beautiful Pacific County, is located in the very southwest corner of Washington state. It's an easy and scenic drive from both Portland and Seattle as well as a classic Highway 101 destination and part of two scenic byways.

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