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Veyyalur Mariamman Koil

 Vazhakollai Mariamman Kovil

Vayalur / Veyyalore is a Village in Keerapalayam Block in Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu State, India. It is located 51 KM towards South from District headquarters Cuddalore.

There is a small temple which is very beautiful surrounded by paddy fields.

Veyyalore Mariamman Kovil - Village Temple  ( மாரியம்மன் கோயில் )

Veyyalore Mariamman Koil
Mariamman Koil Vazhakollai

Mariamman Kovil Vazhakollai
Veiyalore Village God Temple

Veyyalore Village god
Veyyalore Mariamman Kovil
Veyyalore Village god
Paddy field Veyialore
Veyyalore Rice Fields

This village can be reached by road which is very near to Chidambaram

Veyyalore Bus Stop - Sethiyathope-Maduranthaganallur-Chidambaram Road; Veyyalur.

0.7 KM distance     

Vazhaikollai Bus Stop- Sethiyathopu-Kattumannarkudi Rd; Vazhakollai.

0.9 KM distance 

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