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The Astoria Column Oregon

The Astoria Column Oregon

The Astoria Column is an art-covered pillar made of concrete that reaches 125 feet skyward from Coxcomb Hill, overlooking Astoria and the Columbia River. Its observation platform offers a panoramic view for the many visitors who climb the 164 steps of its winding staircase. At its dedication on July 22, 1926, the Astoria Column was described as the “greatest of western monuments.” Over the years, the Column has become an Oregon icon and a source of identity and pride for Astorians. It was listed on the National Register for Historic Places in 1974.

The Astoria Column tower
The Astoria Column tower Oregon
The Columbia River - Astoria  Oregon
View from Astoria Column northwest Oregon
The tower was built in 1926 with financing by the Great Northern Railway and Vincent Astor, the great-grandson of John Jacob Astor, in commemoration of the city's role in the family's business history.

Patterned after the Trajan Column in Rome (and Place Vendôme Column in Paris), the Astoria Column was dedicated on July 22, 1926. The column was one of a series of monuments erected by Great Northern Railway.

Astoria Column Oregon
Astoria Bridge  northwest Oregon
Coxcomb Hill Astoria Column tower
The Astoria Column Oregon

The Astoria Column monument tower is located atop Coxcomb Hill. Building and maintaining the Column has been an endeavor requiring the efforts and resources of many over the years. It stands today as one of the finest tributes in America to those who built the West.

  • Location          Coxcomb Hill in Astoria, Oregon U.S.
  • Built                 1926
  • Height             125 Foot Tall
  • Added to NRHP          May 2, 1974  

Fees : Visiting the park or climbing the Column is free. Parking is $5 per vehicle, which is good for one year.

Park Hours : Open Daily from 5am – 10pm

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