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Ancient Port City Poombuhar

Poombuhar - India's Ancient Port City

Poompuhar is located close to the spot where the river Cauveri flows out into the sea. It is a town in the Sirkali Taluk, Nagapattinam District of Southern Tamil Nadu. This ancient port city earlier called as Kaveri poompattinam, served as the Capital of early Chola rulers.
Poombuhar Nedungal Mandram
Original town destroyed by sea and submerged presumably in 500 AD was rebuilt after that. Ancient Pottery and figurines dating back to the 4th century were recently found in ASI excavation. Emperors like Sembiyan, Muchugunda, Manuneethi and Karikala of Chola Dynasty added glory to Poompuhar. 
Kannagi Silai Poombuhar
Kaveripoompattinam History

The general plan of the city of Puhar is described in considerable detail in the fifth book of Silapathikaram. The town was built on the north banks of the river Kaveri. The town had two distinct districts, Maruvurpakkam near the sea and Pattinappakkam to its west. These two villages were separated by a stretch of gardens and orchards where daily markets were held under the shades of the trees. The market place was known as Naalangadi during the day and as allangadi by night. It is called as Poompuhar or Puhar : Puhar in tamil means the ‘estuary’ of river in the Sea. Buddhism flourished in Poompuhar two thousands years ago.  It is also known to be the oldest inhabited area in Tamil Nadu. 
Silappathigaram Art Gallery Poompuhar
Poompugar Attractions

The ancient city of Puhar was destroyed by the sea around 300 BC. Marine archeologists from the National Institute of Oceanography have established that this could have been the effects of sediment erosion and periodic tsunamis.

 Places to Visit :     
·         Silappathikaram Art Gallery
·         Elanchi / Ilanji Mandram
·         Maritime Archaeological Museum
·         Nedungal Mandram (Art Statue)
·         Poompugar Beach

Silapathigaram Art Gallery : The Silappathikaram Art Gallery is a seven storied, classically built structure. The first floor of this building is 12 ft high and all the other floors have a height of 5 ft each. The tower comprises of Kalasams having a height of 8 ft, which brings the total height of this gallery to 50 ft. At the entrance of this gallery, there is a 22½ feet 'Magara Thoranavayil' has been designed on the pattern of Magara Thorana Vayil, found in Suruli Malai Mangala Devi Temple. The Anklet shaped tank within the building premises, has the statues of Kannagi and Madhavi on the sides of these tanks. The arte facts in this gallery comprises of scenes from Sangam Epic Silappathikaram. They were created by the sculptors of Government College of Architecture and Sculpture of Mamallapuram, and remains the treasure house of Tamil culture. Timings : 8:30 am to 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm Entrance fee - Adult: 3/- per head and Child Rs.2/-. 

Silapathigaram Art Gallery Poompuhar
Ancient Port City Poombuhar

The Poombuhar town is located at 24 Km from Mayiladuthurai, in the Sirgazhi Taluk, Nagapattinam District

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