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Hermit Scenic Drive Grand Canyon Village

Hermit Road Grand Canyon National Park South Rim Arizona

Hermit Road on the Grand Canyon's South Rim, is well worth to explore this scenic route on the South Rim's western end by foot, bike, or shuttle. Hermit Road follows the rim for 8 miles with scenic overlooks. Hermit Road offers the opportunity for short or long walks between viewpoints on both paved and dirt trails. In addition to the Rim Trail, three miles of paved greenway trail provide additional views for cyclists and hikers.
Maricopa Point South Rim
Hopi Point Grand Canyon Village
Hermit Scenic Drive Road is Located west of Grand Canyon Village, Hermit Road follows the South Rim for 8 miles and offers access to scenic overlooks via the park shuttle and rim trails. It is closed to most private vehicles except during the months of December, January, and February.

A free public park shuttle (red route) goes between here and Hermits Rest, stopping at every overlook point. During summer months (May-September), buses run every 15 minutes between sunrise and sunset and every 30 minutes for one hour after sunset. The Hermit park shuttle doesn't run in November, December, and January.

Grand Canyon Village Arizona

Monument Creek Vista Grand Canyon

View points in Hermit Road
1.       Maricopa Point
2.      Powell Point
3.      Hopi Point
4.      Mohave Point
5.      The Abyss
6.      Monument Creek Vista
7.       Pima Point
8.      Hermits Rest

Pima Point offers excellent views of the canyon and the Colorado River, including Granite Rapid
Mohave Point, An outstanding view of the Colorado River 5,000 feet below. From here you can see three rapids: Salt Creek, Granite, and Hermit. Use binoculars to see river runners negotiate the whitewater; Hermit Rapid's waves can be up to 20 feet high.

Hopi Point, This overlook juts farther out into the canyon than any other viewpoint on the South Rim, making it a premium spot to watch the sunset. Among the famous formations that light up in the evening glow are Shiva Temple and Zoroaster Temple.

Other Attractions / Viewpoints Around Grand Canyon Village

Yavapai Point – One of the most popular spots because it is the best way to see deep into the inner Canyon including the Colorado River and the Bright Angel Canyon.
Mather Point – From Mather Point, you can see well over half of the entire Canyon with magnificent views of the rock pinnacles called Vishnu Temple and Temple of Zoroaster. This is a great place to see the sunset.

Lookout Studio – located close to Bright Angel Lodge, the Lookout Studio sits right on the edge of the Canyon with spectacular panoramic views of the Canyon.
Bright Angel Trail Grand Canyon
Colorado River and Phantom Ranch

Moran Point – It is 16 miles away from the village, From Moran Point, you can see the white water of the Hakatai Rapids and the Red Canyon. This viewpoint is also famous for the sunset viewing because of the “Sinking Ship” illusion. The rock formations create the semblance of a sinking ship as the sun begins to dip behind the Canyon.

Desert View and Watchtower – Climb the watchtower (85 steps) to get a perfect 360° view of the Canyon. Desert View, Navajo point, Lipan Point are very close to Grand Canyon East Entrance
The Abyss Grand Canyon South Rim
Hermit Road Grand Canyon Village

Lipan Point – This is one of the few places where you can see the “Grand Canyon Supergroup” of sedimentary rock formations. It is also a great way to view the inner gorge.

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