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South Falls in Silver Falls State Park

South Falls in Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls State Park is a state park in the U.S. state of Oregon, located near Silverton, about 20 miles (32 km) east-southeast of Salem. It is the largest state park in Oregon with an area of more than 9,000 acres (36 km2), and it includes more than 24 miles (39 km) of walking trails, 14 miles (23 km) of horse trails, and a 4-mile (6.4 km) bike path.
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South Falls Hike Oregon
South Falls in Silver Falls State Park
South Falls Oregon
Its 7.8-mile Canyon Trail/Trail of Ten Falls runs along the banks of Silver Creek and by ten waterfalls, from which the park received its name. Four of the ten falls have an amphitheater-like surrounding that allows the trail to pass behind the flow of the falls. The Silver Falls State Park Concession Building Area and the Silver Creek Youth Camp-Silver Falls State Park are separately listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

South Falls

South Falls, is a waterfall located in the Silver Falls State Park at the east end of the city of Salem, in Marion County, in the U.S. state of Oregon. It is located in a privileged area on the west foothills where Mount Hood National Forest meets with the Middle Santiam Wilderness. Several prominent waterfalls are located in the Park along Trail of Ten Falls: Lower South Falls, Drake Falls, Lower North Falls, and Winter Falls—among others.

South Falls was said to have a direct plunge of 177ft. Its drop over an overhanging ledge gave it a classically slender rectangular shape. The park's most visited waterfall is South Falls, a 177-foot (54 m) cascade.
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Silver Falls State Park South Falls
South Falls Trail Oregon
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There were plenty of walking trails allowing us to see the falls from its very top as well as from both sides in addition to its aforementioned back side. A footbridge a little further downstream from the falls provided us with a direct view opposite the giant plunge pool. 

·         Name : South Falls
·         Height : 177 feet
·         Access : Trail of Ten Falls

·         Location : Silver Falls State Park Silverton Oregon ( Near Salem )

It only required us to walk on a gentle 0.2-mile path from the car park to the first views of the waterfall, but then we descended towards the loop trail that went around its base, which itself descended down to the level of the plunge pool when the trail swung around to the footbridge opposite the falls.

South Falls is created along the course of South Silver Creek and it sits on the west section of Silver Falls State Park Trail of Ten Falls, along Canyon Trail. South Falls is one of four waterfalls in the Park where the trail passes behind the falls.

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