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Seward Highway Alaska Scenic Route

Anchorage to Seward Alaska Scenic Highway Drive

The Seward Highway is a highway in the U.S. state of Alaska that extends 125 miles (201 km) from Seward to Anchorage. It was completed in 1951 and runs through the scenic Kenai Peninsula, Chugach National Forest, Turnagain Arm, and Kenai Mountains. 
Seward Highway Anchorage

The Seward Highway is numbered Alaska Route 9 (AK-9) for the first 37 miles (60 km) from Seward to the Sterling Highway and AK-1 for the remaining distance to Anchorage. At the junction with the Sterling Highway, AK-1 turns west towards Sterling and Homer.

About eight miles (13 km) of the Seward Highway leading into Anchorage is built to freeway standards. In Anchorage, the Seward Highway terminates at an intersection with 5th Avenue, which AK-1 is routed to, and which then leads to the Glenn Highway freeway.  
Alaska Scenic Byway Seward Highway
Alaska Seward Highway

Recognized for its scenic, natural, historical and recreational values, the 125-mile Seward Highway holds triple designation:
·         USDA Forest Service Scenic Byway,
·         Alaska Scenic Byway, and
·         All-American Road.

The first 50 miles of the Seward Highway skirts the base of the Chugach Mountains and the shore of Turnagain Arm, where it's common to see beluga whales, Dall sheep, waterfalls and eagles. The remainder of the drive courses through the mountains, offering dramatic views of wild Alaska. 

Anchorage to Seward (Seward Highway) 
The drive from Anchorage to the seaside community of Seward begins with two hours of spectacular views as you pass between the dramatic shorelines of Turnagain Arm and the jutting peaks of the Chugach Mountains. Your route continues through the Kenai Peninsula, famous for its array of outdoor activities. 
Seward Highway Alaska
Turnagain Arm Seward Highway Alaska
Seward Highway Chugach National Forest

The Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area is a vibrant corridor of natural, cultural, and historic riches. This dynamic area runs from the “Gateway City” of Seward north to Indian, and spans Whittier’s Prince William Sound port on the east to Cooper Landing on the west. This means you can access several of these National Heritage Areas as you drive between Anchorage and Seward.

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