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Fox Island Seward Alaska

Fox Island - Kenai Fjords Tours Alaska

Fox Island, also known as Renard Island, is an island in Resurrection Bay near Seward in the U.S. state of Alaska. The island is 3.4 miles long, two miles wide, and is primarily mountainous, consisting of 3 peaks and the saddles between them. On its east side, the remnants of a glacial moraine have created a spit. Fox Island is a popular destination for kayaking, camping, and hiking in the summer, and hosts two resorts on its shores. In addition, the island contains two state parks, Sandspit Point State Marine Park, and Sunny Cove State Marine Park.

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Fox Island Alaska
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Renard Island Alaska
Resurrection Bay near Seward
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Kenai Fjords Tours is pleased to welcome you to picturesque Fox Island, in the heart of Resurrection Bay. Your exploration of Kenai Fjords National Park is enhanced by a chance to step off the boat, stroll the beach and explore on land. And we can walk along the flat-rock beach of Halibut Cove.

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