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Upper Lewis River Falls Washington

Upper Lewis River Falls Hike Washington

While technically not the real upper waterfall of the Lewis River, Upper Lewis River Falls is the tallest of the four major falls on this section of the river. Here the Lewis encounters a strangely squared sheet of basalt, sheets out over the flat rock allowing a small portion of the river to plunge a sheer 58 feet over the overhanging cliff, but the majority of the water gathers in a narrow trough and stair-steps to the pool below. The falls can vary from a solid curtain of pure roar to being isolated in the narrow channel on the left side, leaving the more vertical part of the falls dry. In addition to being the largest of the four falls, this is also the most isolated.

Upper Lewis River Waterfall
Upper Lewis River Falls

Lewis River Loop Hike Washington
Lewis River Waterfalls Hike Washington
Upper Falls in Lewis River
Upper Lewis River Falls Hike
Upper Lewis River Falls Washington

Directions to Lewis River Falls : Drive I-84 East to Cascade Locks and cross the Bridge Of The Gods ($2 toll). Take a right onto Highway 14 and drive for almost 6 miles where you will take a left onto Wind River Road. Follow Wind River Road up and over Old Man Pass, a couple miles after the pass take a left onto Curly Creek Road. Follow this road until you come to the junction with FR 90. Take a right onto FR 90 and drive for about 10 miles where you will take a right into the Lower Lewis River Falls parking area.

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