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Middle Lewis River Falls Washington

Middle Lewis River Falls Loop Hike Washington

Middle Lewis Falls is 33 foot cataract is the widest of the multitude of waterfalls along the Lewis River. The falls spread out over a broad bedrock sheet then crash sideways into a trough, half of the falls plunging straight down in a horseshoe and half sliding down the bedrock. From one end to the other the falls are almost 300 feet wide. 
Middle Lewis River Falls
Middle Lewis River Falls Loop Hike
Middle Lewis River Falls Washington
Unfortunately, the trail-side view of the falls, while interesting, doesn't allow the best vistas, so climbing out on the wet rocks next to the river is necessary. It is safe, but can be slick and the river is very deep immediately below the falls.

Middle Falls Gifford Pinchot National Forest
Another mile and a half upstream lie the Middle Lewis River Falls, a river-width combination of a waterfall and a cascade sheeting along bedrock. The viewpoints are limited here, but even the riverbed is pretty, the clarity of the water revealing its ragged volcanic nature. A short side trail up to Lower Copper Creek Falls brings hikers to a small trickle of water that drops 32 feet in a classic formation.
Middle Falls in Lewis River
Middle Lewis Falls
Middle Lewis Falls Washington
Directions to Middle Lewis Falls : 
Located along the Middle Lewis River Falls trail system, southwest of Mt. Adams, off of Lewis River Road # 90. Drive east of Lower Lewis Falls Recreation area for 1 miles to the Middle Lewis Falls parking lot.

Two trails depart the parking lot, leading down to Middle Lewis River Falls in 1/2 mile. The lower trail descends to the Lewis River trail, from where you'll head upstream, across Copper Creek, to the Middle Falls. The upper trail crosses Copper Creek above Copper Creek Falls, then descends directly to the Middle Falls.

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