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Clearwater Falls Oregon

Clearwater Falls in Umpqua National Forest Oregon 

Clearwater Falls can be found just off Highway 138, near mile marker 69. Clearwater Falls is easily accessed from a nearby parking lot. The path from the parking lot is well developed and runs parallel to the Clearwater River. It's an easy and beautiful walk. 
Clearwater Falls in Umpqua National Forest
Clearwater River Umpqua National Forest
Clearwater Falls Hiking
Clearwater Falls Douglas County Oregon

The waterfall itself is just about 30 feet in height, which is relatively modest. But don't let the size of the falls dissuade you from visiting. It's a fascinating little spring-fed waterfall, meaning that it flows year-round. For that reason, hikers who decide to explore will find that the river is placid above and below the falls area.

The Umpqua River drainage, especially, has enough waterfalls to make a tour route out of it, with 18 named waterfalls, plus another half dozen on the drainage to the north, the Row River. Few beautiful water falls are
·         Toketee Falls
·         Watson Falls
·         Clearwater Falls
·         Lemolo Falls
·         Mill Creek Falls
·         Barr Creek Falls

Hike to Clearwater Falls : This half mile roundtrip hike to clearwater falls is an easy trip to this stunning waterfall. The hike has minimal elevation gain and easy access with a nearby parking lot. 
Hike to Clearwater Falls Oregon
Umpqua National Forest Waterfalls
Clearwater Falls South Oregon
Clearwater Falls Roseburg Oregon

Clearwater Falls Campground is located along the Rogue-Umpqua National Scenic Byway. The Clearwater River meanders through old growth Douglas fir forest, surrounded by picturesque moist green foliage. Clearwater Falls separates the campground into two sections with one section situated above the falls. 
Clearwater Falls Oregon
Central Oregon Clearwater Falls

How to Reach : The falls are situated within the Clearwater Falls Campground, located 8 miles east of Toketee Lake (or 67 miles east of Roseburg) along Highway 138. The falls are about 100 feet away from the parking area.

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