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Shepperds Dell Falls

Shepperds Dell Falls Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Shepperds Dell Falls is One of the most beautiful and located in Historic Columbia River Hwy, Young Creek Bridge crosses the canyon here, but you can't see it unless you step down from the car and take the short trail to the falls.
Shepperds Dell Falls
Shepperd's Dell State Park
In 1915, a local dairy farmer named George Shepperd gave all that he had (this tract of land) to the City of Portland as a memorial to his wife. Today, thousands of visitors along the Historic Columbia River Highway visit this beautiful spot, with its roaring waterfall cascading down steep cliffs into Youngs Creek and out to the Columbia River far below. The upper fall is around 42' tall. The lower tier is around 50' tall.
Shepperd's Dell Falls Corbett
Shepperd's Dell Falls Oregon
Shepperd's Dell Falls
Shepperds Dell Waterfalls Hike
·         Start Point: Shepperds Dell Trailhead
·         End Point: Shepperds Dell Falls
·         Distance: 0.2 miles
·         Difficulty: Easy
·         Elevation Gain: 220 feet
This short hike follows a paved trail downhill and around to an overlook of the Shepperd's Dell Waterfalls. One interesting point of this hike is the outstanding view you get of the old original bridge they built over this creek.
Shepperds Dell Waterfall Hike
Young Creek Bridge Columbia River Gorge
Shepperd's Dell State Natural Area
How to Reach: Shepperd's Dell Falls is located immediately off of the Historic Columbia River Highway, 4 miles east of Crown Point or about 1.75 miles west of Bridal Veil State Park. Parking can be found on the east side of the bridge, with a short trail leading to a viewpoint adjacent to the lower portion of the falls.

Look for the Shepperd's Dell along the Historic Columbia River Hwy between the Bridal Veil Scenic Area (1 mile further to the east) and Latourell Falls (2 miles west). The nearest exit off the I-84 is the Bridal Veil exit, which itself is 26 miles east of Portland.
Address:  Shepperd's Dell Falls, East Historic Columbia River, Corbett, OR 97019

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