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Kumbakonam Mahamaham Festival

Kumbakonam Mahamaham Festival 2016

Masimaham is an annual event that occurs in the Tamil month of Masi (February–March) in the star of Magam. Once in twelve years, when the planet Guru (Jupiter) enters the sign Siha (Leo), the Kumbh mela festival of South India is celebrated in Kumbakonam Mahamaham tank.
Mahamaham Festival Kumbakonam 2016
Masimaham Kumbakonam
Kumbakonam Mahamaham Festival 2016
The mahamaham tank has 20 wells which are named after 20 holy rivers flowing across India. People get themselves drained in these wells. These wells are also called as “Theertham” (Holy water).There are 20 theerthams (wells) in the tank & bathing in the waters of each theertham rids of a specific sin & bestows a specific blessing. After a dip in the Mahamaham tank, devotees should take a dip in the Potraamarai kulam & the Cauvery river to complete the ritual. The procedure is to have holy dip in all the 20 wells in Mahamaham tank , then take a holy dip in Portramarai Kulam and finally River Kaveri.
1.       Agni Theertham
2.      Bayoshini Theertham
3.      Brahma Theertham
4.      Cauvery Theertham
5.      Deva Theertham
6.      Eshana Theertham
7.      Ganga Theertham
8.      Godavari Theertham
9.      Indira Theertham
10.   Kanya Theertham
11.    Kubera Theertham
12.   Kumari Theertham
13.   Narmada Theertham
14.   Niruthi Theertham
15.   Saraswathi   Theertham    
16.   Sarayu Theertham
17.   Varunai Theertham
18.   Vayu Theertham
19.   Yama Theertham
20.  Yamuna Theertham
All the rivers of India are believed to meet at the tank on the Mahamagam Festival day and a purificatory bath at this tank on this day is considered equal to the combined dips in all the holy rivers of India.
Kumbha mela festival of South India
Mahamagam Tank Kumbhakonam
மகாமகம் - மாமாங்கம்
Potraamarai kulam Kumbakonam
Portramarai Kulam Kumbakonam
The Mahamaham Festival is a bathing ceremony by which all sins and evils doings are washed away. By bathing in the Mahamaham Tank one can be purified. The ten day celebration during the Mahamaham Festival is commenced with the hoisting of a flag in the Vaishnavite Temple and other temples in Kumbakonam.

Bhagavatha Padithurai Ghat: Pagavatha Padithurai Ghat (Palakkarai), a holy bath that is said to wash off all the sins of a person, is situated in Kaveri River. Thousands of devotees visit this sacred place during the Mahamaham fair to make his body, mind and soul pure.

Shiva Temples Associated with Mahamaham :  It is believed that twelve Shiva temples are connected with this festival. They are
1.       Abimukeswarar Temple
3.      Banapuriswarar Temple
4.      Ekambareswarar Temple
5.      Gowthameswarar Temple
6.      Kalahasteeswarar Temple
7.      Kambatta Visvanathar Temple
8.      Kasi Viswanathar Temple  (Navakanniyar Temple)
9.      Koteeswarar Temple
11.    Nageswara Temple  and
Of them 10 temples are in Kumbakonam. The processional deities of these temples come to this tank during festival days.
Kaveri Padithurai Kumbakonam
Pagavath Padithurai Kumbakonam
Palakkarai Kumbakonam
Kumbakonam Mahamaham Tank
Vishnu Temples Associated with Mahamaham : Five Vishnu temples are connected with this festival. They are
1.          Chakrapani Temple
2.         Rajagopalaswamy Temple 
3.         Ramaswamy Temple
4.         Sarangapani Temple and
5.         Varahaperumal Temple
All these temples are in Kumbakonam. The processional deities of these temples come to Cauvery during festival days.

Festival deities from all the temples in Kumbakonam will arrive to the tank and at noon, all the deities bathe along with the devotees - it is called Theerthavari.

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