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In and Around Kumbakonam Temples

Kumbakonam Temples - Home of Dravidian Architecture

Kumbakonam is a temple town in Thanjavur district in the southeast Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located 40 km from Thanjavur and 273 km from Chennai. The town is bounded by two rivers, the Kaveri River to the north and Arasalaru River to the south.
Kumbakonam Mahamaham Tank
Maha Magam Temple Tank Kumbakonam
Kumbhakonam also called as temple town because of the large number of temples within the town and the nearby areas. The Mahamaham festival is celebrated once in every 12 years, in Kumbakonam.

The town has also been well - known for its prestigious educational institutions, famous for making brass vessels, Degree Coffee, Silk products, Betel leaves ( Kumbakonam Vettrilai) and much more.

Here I have listed the Must See temples in Kumbakonam Town as well as In and Around Kumbakonam. This is not the full list, just highlighted the temples I have visited. Just click on the any temple name to get more info. It includes the Ancient Padal Petra Sthalams and Divya Desam Sthalams in Kumbakonam .

Must See Temples in Kumbakonam Town

Adi Kumbeswarar Temple  *Padal Petra Sthalam
Kasi Viswanathar Temple - Nava Kannigal Temple
Kudanthai Keelkottam - Nageswaran Temple / *Padal Petra Sthalam
Sarangapani Temple  *Divya Desam Sthalam
Mahamagam Tank    *Maga Magam Festival 2016 Info

Temples in Kumbakonam to Mayiladuthurai Route

Ammachatram Saptharishiswarar Temple - Kalabairavar Temple
Thirubuvanam Kambakareswarar Temple - Sarabeswarar Temple
Kuthalam Uthavedeeswarar Temple   *Padal Petra Sthalam

Temples in Kumbakonam to Thanjavur Route

Darasuram Airavatesvarar Temple  * UNESCO World Heritage Site
Patteeswaram Thenupuriswarar Temple   * Padal Petra Sthalam / Durga Devi Temple
Thiru sakthimutram Temple  * Padal Petra Sthalam
Avoor Pasupatheeswaram Temple   * Padal Petra Sthalam 
Nandhipura Vinnagaram Temple  * Divya Desam Sthalam
Swamimalai Murugan Temple     * Aru Padai Vedu
Thirukarukavoor Mullaivana Nathar Temple  * Padal Petra Sthalam  *Pregnancy Temple
Innambur Ezhuthari Nathar Temple  * Padal Petra Sthalam

Temples in Kumbakonam to Mannargudi Route

Sakkottai Amirthakadeswarar Temple  * Padal Petra Sthalam

Temples in Kumbakonam to Thiruvarur Route

Sivapuram Sivagurunathaswamy Temple  * Padal Petra Sthalam
Aalagaputhur Padikasu Nathar Temple  * Padal Petra Sthalam
Nannilam Madhuvaneshwarar Temple  * Padal Petra Sthalam

Temples in Kumbakonam to Karaikal Route

Thirunageswaram Naganathar Swamy Temple  * Padal Petra Sthalam *Raghu Sthlam
Konerirajapuram Uma Maheswarar Temple  * Padal Petra Sthalam
Thiruneelakudi Neelakandeswarar Temple  * Padal Petra Sthalam
Thirupampuram Paampuranathar Temple  * Padal Petra Sthalam

Temples in Kumbakonam to Chennai Route

Thiruvaipadi Balukandanathar Temple * Padal Petra Sthalam

Temples in Kumbakonam to Poompuhar Road Route

Kanjanoor Agneeswarar Temple  * Padal Petra Sthalam *Sukran Stalam

How to Reach : All the temples are close to kumbakonam town, Local town buses are availble from kumbakonam.

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