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Arani Shiva Temple

Aarani Sampangi Pitchaaleeswarar Temple

Aarani is a small, beautiful village located about 50 kms north western side of Chennai near Gummidipoondi. To reach Aarani, one has to cross Red Hills from Chennai and take the road towards Gummidipoondi.
Aarani Shiva Temple
Aarani Sampangi Pitchaaleeswarar Temple
5 Shiva Temples in Arani River Bank
The main God of this temple is Lord Shiva known as Sampangi Pitchaaleeswarar. The Goddess here is Sri Sivakaamavalli. The place Aarani got its name as it lies on the banks of Aarani river which was known as Brahmaranya River in ancient days.

Lord Shiva has 5 faces; Isaanam, Thathpurusham, Vaamadhevam, Sathyojaatham and Agoram. There are 5 Shiva temples (Pancha Brahma Sthalams) near Chennai, representing each of the 5 faces of the Lord. Out of 5, this temple represents the Vaamadheva face of Lord Shiva. This place was also called as Vaamadhevapuram in ancient days.
Pancha Brahma Sthalams - 5 Shiva Temples in Arani River Bank
Sri Sampangi Pitchaaleeswarar
Sri Vaaleeswarar
Sri Pallikondeeswarar
Sri Varamoortheeswarar
Sri Chinthaamaneeswarar
Interestingly, these entire 5 temples lie on the banks of Brahmaranya (Arani) river, till the river merges into the ocean at Karungaali.
Aarani Siva Temple
Arani Champangeeswarar Temple

Aarani  - Sri Sampangi Pitchaleeswarar Temple
ஆரணி சம்பங்கி பிச்சாலீஸ்வரர் திருக்கோவில்
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Sri Sampangi Pitchaaleeswarar (சம்பங்கி பிச்சாலீஸ்வரர்)
Goddess Name
Sri  Sivagama Valli
Arani  - in Ponneri Highway
Old Names

Pancha Brahma Sthalams
1000 Years
Travel Base

This sivan temple is one of the seven temples on the bank of this river that Saint Agathiar worshiped. This temple has an interesting legend attached to it. It is said that this village had lots of Sampangi (flower) plants all over. A man who owned many cows in this village, saw one of his cows going alone in the bushes and pouring milk by its own. Surprised by this act of his cow, the man and few villagers curiously went and cut the bushes off including a Sampangi plant to see what’s under bush. To his surprise, he saw a beautiful Shiva Lingam in the ground which was bleeding as the Axe had hit while cutting off the Sampangi plants.
Guilty of his act, the man cut his own hand off as he felt he had done an irreversible sin. The man’s wife pleaded to Lord Shiva and with His blessings the man got back his hand. Since the Lord evolved from the Sampangi bush and gave the man’s hand as biksha (alm), He came to be known as Sri Sampangi Pitchaaleeswarar.
Vaamadhevam Face Shiva Temple
Arani Shiva Temple
Champangee Pichaleeswarar Temple
How To Reach : Arani Shiva Temple is about 45 km north of Chennai, and 15 kms away from Ponneri. Local Buses are available from Ponneri and Periyapalayam.
Sri Sampangi Pitchaaleswarar Temple, Arani, Tamil Nadu 601101, India

Near By Temples :
Periyapalayam Sri Bhavani Amman Temple - 5 kms away from Arani

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