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Cary Hindu Temple

Sri Venkateswara Temple in North Carolina

Shri Venkateswara Temple of North Carolina is built according to Hindu Agama Sasthras. It looks very nice and peaceful temple in Cary area.

Venkateswara  is a powerful form of Vishnu, the supreme God, preserver and protector of the world. During the special days, Cary Sri Venkateswara statue(9-foot, 2-ton statue) is dressed in vibrant textiles with adornments made of silver, gold and copper jewels. 

Main Deity : Sri Venkateswara
other deities in this temple includes Aandal, Mahalakshmi, Hanuman, Ganesh, Navagrahas etc..

Services offered in the temple :

Besides the daily puja, Sri Venkateswara Temple offers priest services for hindu ceremonies like Aayusha Homam, Aksharabhyasam, Anna Prasana, Bhoomi Pooja, Chuda Karma, Gruha Pravesam and rituals like Abdeekam, Hiranya Shradham, Taddinam.

Abhishekam - any deity, Car (Vahana) Puja, Sahasranamam, Satyanarayana Puja, Hiranya Sraddham.

Address :  Cary Hindu temple
121 Balaji Place, Cary, NC 27513
(919) 468-0040

Temple Timing :
Mon-Fri: 9AM-1PM and 5PM-9PM
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: 9AM-9PM

With Friends  2014 / 2015

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