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Grotto Falls

Grotto Falls in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The most distinctive feature about Grotto Falls is that it's the only waterfall in Great Smoky Mountains National Park that a person can actually walk behind. The 25-foot high waterfall offers a cool, shady, and moist retreat for hikers in the summer. This same environment also provides ideal habitat for salamanders as well.

As you walk behind the falls you'll not only hear, but also feel the thunderous power of the water plunging into the pool in front of you. Watch your step here - especially in the winter - as the area surrounding the falls is perpetually wet and slick.

Access trail: Trillium Gap Trail on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail
Total Elevation Gain:                585 Feet
Round-trip Length:           Around 3 Miles

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Grotto Falls spill 25' over a cavernous rock overhang, or Grotto, into a large pool along Roaring Fork Creek. The Trillium Gap Trail passes through old growth hemlock and mixed hardwood to the fall, and continues behind it en route to Brushy Mountain and Mount Le Conte.

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