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Alpine Valley Skiing

Skiing is a very popular sports in USA during winter days. As I have no idea about skiing just want to try this sport with my friends. We all went to Alpine Valley,  near Detroit to know about this fun sport. We took one hour class for skiing an tried our best.

Skiing is a recreational activity and competitive winter sport in which the participant uses skis to glide on snow.

The word 'ski' has its origins in the Norwegian word skíð which means a piece of wood!

Skiing as a competitive sport is generally classified as Alpine, Nordic and Freestyle skiing. Broadly speaking about differences, in alpine skiing people ski with fixed heel bindings, Nordic skiing does not have a fixed heel, and freestyle skiing involves jumps and performance based routines.

Equipment used in skiing includes:

Ø Skis
Ø Boots and bindings
Ø Poles
Ø Helmets and ski suits

All the above snaps are took in Alpine Valley,  near Detroit Michigan.

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