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Karuvalacheri Shiva Temple

Karuvalarcheri - Karu Valarkum Nayaki Amman Temple

Karuvalacheri Shiva Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Hindu god Shiva, located in the village Karuvalarcheri, located 8 km south of South Indian town, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu.
Karuvalacheri Shiva Temple
Karuvalacheri Siva Temple
Karuvalarcheri Akilandeshwari Devi
The main God of this temple is Lord Shiva known as Agastheeswarar and Goddess as Akilandeswari Ambal, From the main entrance Shiva sannidhi is visible straight ahead and to the right , Akilandeswari sannidhi is present. Lakshmi Narayana Perumal temple is another small temple located adjacent to this shiva temple.

Karuvalarcheri is home to one of the most important temples of the Agasthiar Siddha Linga – the Agasthiar Guru Padhuka Shakti Temple of Mother Sri Akilandeswari and Lord Agastheesvara Shiva. Hence the god is called Agastheeswarar . Akilandeswari, the goddess is said to be a Swayambu , meaning not made by humans taking shape from a termite mound.
Just as the goddess came on her own , it is said that couples longing for a child will have one spontaneously upon worshipping the goddess. Hence the goddess's name is KaruvalarNaayagi. 
Agastheeswarar Temple Karuvalacheri
Karu Valarkum Nayaki Amman Temple
Significance of the temple:
v  Goddess Karuvalar Naayagi is covered with a cloth up to the face and only face is visible to devotees. The rest is said to be the snake mound or termite mound.
v  The temple pond Chandra theertham , is just outside of the temple.
v  Agasthiyar sage worshipped the God and Goddess here along with his wife LopaMudraa.

Karuvalarcheri - Sri Agastheeswarar Temple
கருவளர்சேரி அகஸ்தீஸ்வரர் திருக்கோவில்
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Sri Agastheesvarar (அகஸ்தீஸ்வரர்)
Goddess Name
Sri  Akilandeswari / Karu Valarkum Nayaki (கருவளர்நாயகி)
Karuvalarcheri, Kumbakonam
Old Names

Chandra Theertham
Karu Valarkkum Nayagi – the Goddess who blesses the foetus with growth, A powerful prarthana sthalam for child birth.  Pregnancy Goddess Near Kumbakonam
Amman Temple for Pregnancy

Travel Base

Mother Sri Akilandeswari here is known as Karu Valarkkum Nayagi – the Goddess who blesses the foetus with growth. In other words, the Universal Mother in this temple gives the blessing of development to the foetus.

Thus this temple complements the famous temple of Garbha Rakshambika which is 22 kms from here. Mother GarbhaRakshambika is Karu Kaakkum Nayaki – the Goddess who protects the foetus. The Universal Mother in that temple gives the blessing of protection to the foetus. Thus pregnant women get the blessing of growth at one sacred spot and the blessing of protection at the other.
Karuvalarcheri Shiva Temple
Agasthiyar and LopaMudraa
Karuvalarcheri Temple
Karuvalarcheri Siva Temple
Meditate on these two specific blessings that these two sacred spots give to expectant mothers. Just thinking about this, one should bow down in gratitude to the Universal Mother’s compassion for us and Her meticulous attention to our varied needs.
Lakshmi Narayana Perumal Temple Karuvalarcheri
Lakshmi Narayana Perumal temple Karuvalarcheri
How To Reach : Karuvalarcheri is near to Kumbakonam. It is 1 km from Marudanallur village which is 8 km from Kumbakonam on the Kumbakonam – Valangaiman – Mannargudi route.

Temples to Pray for Pregnancy - Thirukarukavur Garbharakshambikai Temple, and karuvalacheri - Karu Valarkum Nayaki Amman Temple.

Route : Karuvalarcheri to Thirukarukavur temple, Head west on Karuvalarchery Road toward Nachiyar Kovil - Maruthanallur Rd , Then Follow Patteeswaram to Maruthanallur Rd and Papanasam - Valangaiman Road. Distance between Garba Rakshambigai Temple to karuvalarcherri temple is about 22 kms.

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