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Banasuramala Meenmutty Waterfalls

Banasuramala Meenmutty Waterfalls in Wayanad

The Name Meenmutty seems to be a common name for many waterfalls in Kerala’s western ghats. There are two Meenmutty Waterfalls near Wayanad. The famous Meenmutty falls near Kalpetta, a three-tiered waterfall and the second largest in Kerala, has been closed for safety reasons.
Banasuramala Meenmutty Waterfalls
Kerala Meenmutty Waterfalls
We are not planned for the falls until we reach the picturesque Banasura Sagar dam. As we reach the parking area of Banasura Sagar dam, a small board says Meenmutty falls – 2.5 kms’.  Then we enquired this falls and come to know that this is a second ‘Meenmutty falls’ in Wayanad.
Meenmutty Waterfalls Hike
Meenmutty Waterfalls Trekking
Meenmutty Waterfalls near Banasura Dam
After a 2-km drive and less than a kilometre hike, we can able to see the falls.
It is adventurous to visit meen mutty falls and we have to trek the hill alongside the falls for 150 yards and the total distance is approximately 1.5 kms. The rocks are little slippery in some places but there is a safety rope across the path to support. Plan to visit during monsoon time, to see the full flow of Meenmutty Waterfalls.
Meenmutty Waterfalls Wayanad
Meenmutty Waterfalls Near Wayanad
How to Reach : Meenmutty falls is 2.5 kms from Banasura Sagar dam. Banasura Sagar is 21 kms from Kalpetta, 47 kms from Sulthan Bathery and 34 kms from Mananthavady (in Wayanad district, Kerala). Nearest railway station and airport are in Kozhikode.

Wayanad has a pristine beauty and blessed with many waterfalls.  You won't fail to notice that there is not a speck of waste thrown anywhere on the way.  No plastic, no wrappers, no bottles, nothing but nature and its enticing beauty.  The people of the place have opened up their lands for parking areas.

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