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Unicoi Gap Trail

Appalachian Trail: Hiking Unicoi Gap Trail

Unicoi Gap, Hike the Appalachian Trail from Unicoi Gap, climbing to summit views at Rocky Mountain and Tray Mountain and through lush forest filled with wildflowers and mountain laurel.
Appalachian Trail Unicoi Gap
Appalachian Trail View Points Georgia
Georgia Trails - Unicoi Gap Trail
Indian Grave Gap Trail
As part of its northbound, 2000+ mile hike from Springer Mountain to Maine, the Appalachian Trail treks some of North Georgia’s most beautiful terrain. This ten-mile roundtrip on the AT scales to some stunning views from two mountain summits, Rocky Mountain and Tray Mountain. It crosses trickling creeks, climbs through mossy, boulder-filled forest and tunnels through gnarled, low-canopy forests filled with mountain laurel and wildflowers. And along the way, the hike crosses through some abundantly beautiful, lush Georgia forest.
North Georgia Mountain Wilderness
Tray Mountain Trail in Georgia
Rocky Mountain Summit
Rocky Mountain Trail
Chattahoochee National Forest - Georgia Trails

The hike departs from Unicoi Gap, one of a few paved trailheads on Georgia’s 75-mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail. It’s a great workout, climbing and descending a combined 6600 feet over its ten-mile journey to Rocky Mountain, Indian Grave Gap, Tray Mountain and back. It’s by far one of our favorite stretches of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia, and it’s an equally great, challenging day hike as it is a quick overnight backpacking trip.

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