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Cherokee Trail

Stone Mountain Nature Trails - Cherokee Trail

Stone Mountain Park features 15 miles of hiking and walking trails, including the 1 mile trail to the top of the mountain which starts at the Confederate Hall Historical & Environmental Education Center.

ü White path: Cherokee Trail
ü Orange paths: Connecting trails 
ü Green path: Nature Garden Trail
ü Black paths: Unofficial shortcut trails
ü Blue path: Railroad

The Cherokee Trail is a 5 mile historic and National Recreation Trail which explores much of the Natural District around the base of Stone Mountain. It is an easy to moderate trail that traverses wooded areas, lakeshores, and granite slopes of the mountain.The trail is primarily used for hiking & road biking and is accessible year-round.

The Cherokee Trail is marked with white blazes and with knee-high granite posts. Blazes can be painted on trees or on stone.

The summit is a great place to watch the sunrise and sunset, so try to include this in your plans. If you arrive at Stone Mountain before sunrise, consider walking to the top, watching the sunrise, and then walking back down far enough to reach the Cherokee Trail. Then you can walk around the Cherokee Trail back to the Walk-up Trail, and continue down from there. This is the best plan during summer months as it allows you to hike before the hottest part of the day. You can also do the opposite: Walk up the Walk-up Trail to the Cherokee Trail, walk around the Cherokee Trail, and then continue up the Walk-up Trail to the summit and watch the sunset. This is the best plan during winter since the summit can be very cold and windy on a winter morning.

The Cherokee Trail can be hiked in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. This trail guide will be based on walking counter-clockwise beginning at the Walk-up Trail. The trail can be hiked in about two hours walking at a moderate, steady pace.

Note : All Images in the post show the PST time zone

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