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Aagaya Gangai Water Falls - Kolli Hills

Kolli Malai is a small mountain range situated in middle of Tamil Nadu in Namakkal district of India. The mountains are below 1300 and above 1000m altitude above sea level and cover an area around 280 km². Kolli Malai has 70 hairpin bends to reach the top of the hills. Kolli Malai is a part of the Eastern Ghats, which is a peak range that runs mostly parallel to the eastern coast of South India. Agaya gangai is a must visit spot to all visitors who visit Kolli malai.

Agaya Gangai Waterfall is 300 feet height falls from the river Aiyaru. It is situated near Arappaleeshwarar temple. Agaya gangai waterfall is surrounded by mountains on all sides. You can take pleasure in the natural beauty of the valley and the vegetation enclosed peaks. This site is perfect for trekking. This waterfall breeze is pleasant and the cascade of shiny water stirring and coiffure the innumerable herbs which abound in Kolli hill keeping visitors spell bound and fresh with its herbal qualities.

The way to the water falls has approx. 1000 steps down the mountain starting from near the Arapaleeswarar temple. The steps were very steep at certain places, on the way down to the falls there is view point which gives a nice scenery . (Way to falls will be closed around 4 PM )

  ஆகாய கங்கை நீர்வீழ்ச்சி (Akash Ganga Falls)

The flow of water will be high only on seasonal times.

Bus facility is there but not frequent , better to hire a vehicle from namakkal.

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