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Three Sakthi Temples in Chennai

Three Sakthi Temples in Chennai

The temples of three sakthi's (Tri Sakthi) are located near Chennai. It is considered auspicious to get darshan of all three sakthis one after the other on the same day, especially on a full moon day & if possible on a full moon day which falls on a Friday.
Chennai Three Sakthi Amman Temples
The form of the Devi in all three temples are identical.
Ichchaa Sakthi Thiruvudai Amman Melur
Gnaana Sakthi Vadivudai Amman Thiruvottriyur
Kriyaa Sakthi Kodiyidai Amman Thirumullaivoil

Pournami sakthi darshan temples around Chennai
The Sakthi to be visited first, early in the morning is Thiruvudai Amman - Ichchaa Sakthi (the devi who will fulfill devotees wishes).

The Sakthi to be visited second, in the afternoon is Vadivudai Amman - Gnaana Sakthi (the devi who will bless us with Gananam - facing south)

The Sakthi to be visited third, in the evening is Kodiyidai Amman - Kriyaa Sakthi (the Devi who assists us in all our actions).

Route : 

Melur: Around 3 km away from the Minjur railway station. Local trains from Chennai Central goes to Minjur in around an hours time.
Buses are also available from CMBT, Broadway etc to Minjur, but they are very infrequent. When going by bus to Minjur, there is a bus stop at Melur which comes before Minjur. From the bus stop, the temple is around 1 km away. From the Minjur railway station, there are shared autorickshaws to Melur bus stop.

The Thyagarajar - Vadivudai Amman Temple is located at Therady bus stop in Thiruvottiyur High Road (T. H. Road), Chennai. The Therady bus stop is around 2 km from Thiruvottiyur bus terminus. Frequent bus available from paris , CMBT to Tiruvotriyur.

The Masilamaneeswarar - Kodiyidai Amman Temple is located in Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai (Near Avadi), after passing the Pachiamman temple in Kulakkarai Steet (coming from the main road bus stop).

Tamil Version of this post : சென்னையில் முப்பெரும் தேவியர்! காட்சி தரும் திருத்தலங்கள் 

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